Workshops I

(daily 11:15am - 12:45pm)

Georg Gaupp-Berghausen

Drop method - Dark filed microsopy

Christine Sutter-Picariello

Water / Experiencing sensitive chaos

Charlotte C. Frisch

Eurythmy and Movement Research

Manfred Bleffert

Goethe's Tonetheory and Cymatology
Part 1

Workshops II

(daily 2:30pm - 4pm)

Gabriel Kelemen

Goetehanistic drawing of streaming processes


Manfred Schleyer

The life forces - experiments and exercises in the relationship between life and water

Jörg Schauberger

Implosion and vortex -
Viktor and Walter Schauberger

Manfred Bleffert

Goethes Tontheory and Cymatology
Part 2

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