World Cymatics Congress
Oct 31 to Nov 3 2014

International School of Cymatics

In order to continue the work started, the International School of Cymatics was launched in autumn, 2015. We are therefore delighted to connect with you here and offer you the opportunity to attend the first course by the School of Cymatics in July in order to get you to know the artistic and experimental aspect of cymatics and to deepen your knowledge.In addition to this artistic practice and creation, a further part of the course will focus on the introduction to the basic principles of cymatics. We would thereby open up various possibilities for personal research and work.

Hans Jenny (1904 - 1972)

„The more one is engaged in these issues, the more one realizes that sound is the creative basic law; it must be considered as a fundamental law.”

 { Hans Jenny · founder of cymatics }

The 1st World Cymatics Congress has been a great success: 170 participants from 16 different nations experienced and designed the diverse programme together. All this took place in most marvelous November weather round the spectacular ruins of "Allerheiligen". You can find a first report of the Saarland Broadcasting Company here.

Book to the Congress

The book to the congress by Atmani and Manfred Bleffert leads to the basics of cymatics, as it was established by Hans Jenny and may develop in the future. The book reveals the links between the various topics of the lectures and workshops of the congress. It is possible to order it here.

The 1st world cymatics congress brings together important representatives of various fields of research for four days. In a general meeting of fluid dynamics, natural sciences, various art forms (music, singing and eurythmy) as well as the spiritual science and anthroposophy, a holistic view on the phenomena can appear.

The researching, experimental and artistic work on the phenomena of cymatics is in the center of the congress in various workshops and seminars. An artistic framework program accompanies the congress.


The term cymatics (kyma - Greek wave) was influenced by the anthroposophical doctor gestalt biologist and artist Hans Jenny (1904-1972) in the 1960s. Under this term, he summarized all phenomena which appear when tone and sound meet the substance. One of the first who discovered these phenomena was Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (1756-1827). The Chladni sound figures named after him - the sand figures that neatly arrange themselves in the sound on a plate, set into vibration with a violin bow, are now known to many. 

Hans Jenny understood how regularities of development are show in the sound figures, secrets unfold in the phenomena and point to the organization and the work of the formative forces.

More and more researchers and groups are dedicated to the subject of cymatics. Results of spectacular experiments appear which make visible in the phenomenon, what points us far beyond the limits of a purely materialistic philosophy.

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