Talks, workshops und seminars

The programme consists on the one hand of well-chosen talks, demonstrations and common artistic exercises. On the other hand seminars and workshops are offered in small groups with which the main focus on the phenomenology, the nature study and an artistic penetration of the cymatics phenomena lies.

The talk programme is translated synchronically into English (by Joseph Bailey) and French (by Serge Maintier) language, also single Workshops are held polyglot. Stations from the fields of experience of the senses and an artistic supporting programme accompany the congress.

The congress begins on Friday 31st of October at 2 p.m. The official programme ends on Monday evening (3rd of November) at about 9:30 p.m. On Tuesday morning, 4th of November an open plenum with which common future impulses can be developed will take place.

The lodgings on site are available from Friday morning till Tuesday noon.
The talking program will be translated in all probability into the English and French synchronically, also single Workshops are held polyglot. For further planning, please inform us in the registration concerning your preferential language for the further planning.

Trilobite Standing Wave · Kelemen Gabriel

Und hier steht der Text auf ENGLISCH!

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